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We strongly believe that customer’s success will be our success hence “NEW UNIVERSAL RETREAD COMPANY”aim for your profitability by being.

  • Responsible and reliable in providing our products and services.
  • To provide a low cost per kilometer thus by achieving a low operational cost..

Our aim is to achieve a strong reputation in the industry by offering professional service to our esteemed clients



A successful retread must be built on a sound casing. Each casing is thoroughly inspected by a trained technician. Tyres that are not capable of second life are rejected.


The worn tread is entirely removed from the casing by buffing machine. Proper buffing is crucial to the retread tyre’s future performance.


A skilled operator removes any embedded objects to ensure a clean and solid surface


A thin layer of concentrated rubber solution is sprayed on to the prepared tyre casing.


All the skived areas of the tyreis filled with gum chord using an extruder gun.


A new layer of highly compact procured tread is built on the tyre casing. The procured tread is then stiched in place.


The tyre is bagged in a highly flexible outer and inner envelope ensures that tyre casing, bonding gum and procured tread are successfully bonded together.



Processed tyres thoroughly inspected by technician to make sure curing of tyres and other process are done with perfection.